Please practice safe, organic gardening only. Organic gardening involves 3 main principles:
1) Feeding the soil by using compost or cover crops to add organic matter and nutrients (Chemical lawn fertilizers such as 5-10-5 are not used in organic gardening).
2) Applying natural mulches to suppress weeds, reduce water loss, and add organic matter to the soil.
3) Using natural, botanical and biological insect controls to avoid harming beneficial organisms and pollinators (Don’t use synthetic pesticides, as they can have unwelcome side effects to plants, wildlife, and people).

Please look for the word “Organic” on packaging and ask someone if you are not sure that the product you are using adheres to Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) standards.

Each gardener is expected to attend an orientation and at least two workdays during the season. The 2019 workdays run from 10am - noon and are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month: May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, and October 12. The workdays involve general garden maintenance such as pulling weeds in the pathways and edging the garden. Let’s work together to keep our space beautiful!

To conserve our resources, please water in the morning or evening, and apply water at the base of plants where possible. Use mulch to reduce evaporation. Sprinklers and unattended watering are not allowed. Please use water wisely, and remember to shut off the hose at the cistern when done.

Pick up after yourself. Return tools to the garden shed after use.

To respect the grounds crew at Porter Hospital, keep the lawn free of rocks so as not to cause damage to the lawnmower or create a tripping hazard. Take your trash home with you. MACG has no means to dispose of trash or debris at the garden site.

Our on-site compost system is to be used with organic matter from the garden only.

Be considerate of your neighbors and respect boundaries. If you are growing vining plants, please keep them within the boundaries of your plot. Avoid placing tall plants like sunflowers or staked pole beans where they can shade your neighbors’ plot. Mint is not allowed as it can become a nuisance in the garden.

Plots are assigned for one year only, and the garden will be closed and tilled on October 20. Talk to MACG if you are interested in planting overwintering crops. These may be allowed if you have a proven record of proper plot maintenance.

These guidelines are intended for the health and safety of all. If you have any questions, suggestions, or are experiencing a problem, please contact or a Board member.

Thanks for your help and have a great season gardening!